Hailing from industry capitals in the fjords of middle Norway, The Sideways comes forth with their own crucible of catchy and melodic rock music. Growing up face down in their parents and elder siblings’ record collections as well as having keen ears on making their own discoveries, they have let their sound bear influences from 60s pop-psych as well as 70s power pop, new wave and post punk, 90s singer/songwriters and slacker indie.

Upon moving to Trondheim, the band took refuge in the legendary Brygga Studio where they have solidified their self titled debut effort. A musical journey through apathy, frustration and heartbreak saw the light of day on October 3rd 2016. The band still operates in realms from jangly powerpop, filled with catchy hooks to gloomy post-rock crescendos. Since their debut effort, the band have refined their sound and are sounding more vital and focused than ever, with their September 13th 2019 release of their sophomore album “Can’t Wait to Arrive Somewhere”.