Palermo was a Norwegian indie-rock band from Oslo, active in the early 2000’s. Their only official release apart from a couple of homemade CDR’s and tapes was the Aspirin EP (released in 2004, by Dirigeable Records in the US). The collection “Aspirin (and more)”, which will be released on the 14th of June, includes the Aspirin EP along with other songs from these homemade releases and compilations. The band consisted of Christian Spro (Sweden) Per Ole Bratset (The High Water Marks, Syndrome) Ola Flatvad (Syndrome, JetCommander) and Gunnar Motland (The Goo Men). Mostly taking inspiration from American indie rock bands of the 80s and 90s, the band did not sound like their contemporaries of the time, especially not in the Oslo scene. Listening back to the songs now, they belong to a classic, lo-fi genre of extremely infectious pop melodies and a do it yourself spirit. These songs are fun and catchy as hell. Given Palermo’s lively indie-pop vibe and contagious hooks, it is not surprising that the band’s main songwriters; Bratset, and Spro would go on to form other indie pop bands such as; Sweden (the band) and The High Water Marks