Major Fluke was initially founded by life long friends Ulf Johnsen and Tom F. Indresand, and later expanded to a full live band now based in Narvik. Influenced by the likes of Wilco, Built to Spill and Motorpsycho, they are constantly working on new songs forming an ever moving and varied live-set on one hand as well as working on new recordings and a second album on the other.
Their 2020 debut album “Years Ahead Hours Behind” produced by Pål Brekkås in Brygga Studio, contains a varied soup of warm and catchy indie-hits as well as easy going americana, filled with different instruments and plenty of details. The album features guest appearances by Stian Lundberg on drums, Alexander Pettersen on guitars, Bendik Urban on trumpet, Ida Jenshus on backing vocals and Pål Brekkås on a variety of keys, bass guitar and whatnot.