After several years as a hypothetical punk band to be started on a later occasion, Fuckleberry Hinn finally saw the light of day around the start of the pandemic in 2020. They soon realized they weren’t as punk as the band name was intended. Slacking away under no defined genre boundaries, they adhere to a LoFi/DIY ethos hovering between gore-y grunge, soaring dream pop, singer/songwriter, fuzzed out pop rock and the occasional sea shanty. The band was started by Øystein Megård (The Sideways and The High Water Marks, among others) and Øystein Ulvund as a studio project where they did everything from recording, instrumentation and production themselves. As they evolved to a full band in 2022, the band was expanded with Tord Nyheim Hovde (Lâche), Ole Jørgen Kristensen (earth moon transit) and Hallvard Løberg Näsvall (This Daze, Slåppy.) on bass, guitar and drums respectively.