about us

Wonderful & Strange Records is an independent record label operating out of Trondheim, Norway. The label was originally started in 2015 by indie rockers The Sideways in order to release their debut single, but has since then grown to house bands such as The High Water Marks, Kings of the Valley, Fuckleberry Hinn, Singing Swords and Major Fluke. 

We are one tiny leaf in the ever-expanding record label flora in Trondheim, focusing mainly on releasing indie/alternative rock music on high quality vinyl. We have been associated with the Brygga Records label since the beginning, sharing distribution channels and other administrative features. We have always shared a love of physical releases, and vinyl records in particular. It’s really a milestone feeling to hold your own vinyl record in your hands, opening the gatefold cover, examining the coloured vinyl and of course the ritual of putting it on your turntable. It’s really a completely different way of enjoying music than these algorithm-generated playlists designed to listen to on the fly, not to speak of how so much of the mainstream music made nowadays sounds exactly the same. It probably sounds like we are bitter and old, but I guess we are!